Demographic data

Population 4,613,414 (July 2009 est)

Administrative division: two entities: Federation of B&H and Republic of Srpska with Brčko district.

Structure: Federation of B&H is administratively divided into 10 cantons. Cantons are divided to municipalities. FB&H has 79 municipalities. Republic of Srpska has 62 municipalities.

Vital statistics:

Birth Rate: 8.85 births/1,000 population (2009 est.)

Death Rate: 8.63 deaths/1,000 population (July 2009 est.)

Infant mortality rate: 9.1 deaths/1,000 live births

Epidemiological and perinatal data

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

(Federal Office of Statistics, Statistical yearbook 2008)

Live births 9,3/1000

Natural increase 1,0

Infant deaths 8,9/1000 live births

Live births 21715, 99,9% medically assisted

Infant deaths by age group:

under 30 days 144/21715 …6,6/1000 live births

under 6 days 97/21715…4,5/1000 live births

stillbirths 130/21845… 5,9/1000 births

Republic of Srpska

(Office of Statistics RS, 2008)

Live births 7,1/1000

Natural increase -2,3

Vital index 0,8

Infants deaths: 3,9/1000 live births

Live births 10198,

under 28 days  26/10198…2,5/1000 live births

under 7 days 23/10198…2,2/1000 live births

Stillbirths 34/10232 …3,3/1000 births

Neonatal Health Care in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Neonatal care is provided by health professionals in Level I, II and Level III Health Centers. There are 3 Level III NICU Centers in FB&H and 1 in Republic of Srpska.

Neonatal Health Care in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

There are 21 Maternity Hospitals in FB&H, 11 of them are Baby Friendly Hospitals. Special neonatal care is provided in Level II Hospitals. In FB&H there are 10 level II Hospitals (Cantonal level).

There are 3 NICU-s in level III Centers in FB&H: Sarajevo, Tuzla and Mostar. Majority of seriously ill neonates are supposed to be stabilized and transported to one of these centers. Transport system of critically sick children is not centralized, so every nursery after stabilization provides transfer to level II or level III Center.

Sarajevo Regional Center:

Clinical Units include Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (level III) situated at Paediatric Hospital of Clinical University Center and Special Care Nursery (level II) at Gynecology and Obstetric University Hospital.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit maintains 24-bed (plus 15 special care and low level beds) and provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment for all critically ill neonates, including extremely low birth infants and those with surgical, genetic and cardiac conditions. NICU serves as the referral center for all critically sick and extremely premature neonates from the majority of FB&H and partly from eastern part of RS.

Specialized treatments includes: respiratory support including conventional, HF ventilation (14 ventilators) and CPAP (10 flow-CPAP devices), inhaled nitric oxide, peritoneal dialysis, surgical repair of birth defects by specialists in pediatric surgery, pediatric cardiac surgery, pediatric neurosurgery, pediatric orthopedics etc. Neonatology Division includes neonatal consultation, education services for doctors and nurses and outpatient follow up care of high risk infants.


There are two Neonatal units at Clinical University Center Tuzla: Neonatology Department with 10 Special Care beds (plus 12 low level beds) at Gynecology and Obsterics University Hospital and Neonatal Intensive care Unit at Paediatrc University Hospital, with 10 beds. NICU provides ventilatory support – conventional ventilation with 4 ventilators, care of premature newborn, treatment of full term critically sick newborns, education of medical doctors and nurses, follow up of high risk infants.


NICU is located at Clinical University Hospital Bijeli Brijeg Mostar, and admits sick newborn from western Herzegovina. There are 5 ventilatory places, 3 high dependency  and 18 standard care beds. Health care includes treatment of critically sick full term newborns, respiratory support by conventional ventilation, special care of premature newborns, education of medical staff, follow up of high risk neonates.

Neonatal Health Care in The Republic of Srpska

There are 14 Maternity hospitals in RS, 8 of them are Baby friendly hospitals. There are 8 level II Hospitals providing Special neonatal care and one level III NICU in Banja Luka.

Banjaluka Regional Center

Level III NICU Regional Center is located at Paediatric University Hospital of Clinical Center Banja Luka. It serves as a referral center for critically sick newborns from majority of RS and nearby places in FB&H.

It consists of multidisciplinary Intensive Care Unit, dominantly neonatal, with 10 neonatal beds (plus 4 paediatric beds) and Special Neonatal Care Unit (level II) with 16 beds.

It provides specialized care of all newborn, intensive care for critically  sick newborns, conventional ventilation (10 ventilators), treatment of medical and surgical problems, prenatal diagnostics of cardiac defects, care of premature newborns, education of medical doctors and nurses, follow up of high risk infants.