Covid-19 Protocols

Dear coleagues, please find attached the latest Covid-19 protocols used throughout the region


Neonatal Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a nongovermental society composed of two parts:

  1. Association of neonatologists and Paediatric intensive care unit professionals of Federation B&H (
  2. Section of neonatologists as a part Paediatric Association of The Republic of Srpska (


  • Monitoring the vital statistical indicators of neonatal health care: rates and causes of perinatal, early neonatal and total neonatal mortality in B&H
  • Education of health care professionals: neonatologists, intensive care unit professionals, nurses as well as other staff involved in neonatal health care
  • Coordination of activities between different levels of neonatal health care system
  • Establishment and coordination of adequate neonatal transportation in accordance  with current European guidelines
  • Establishing links and coordination of activities with pharmaceutical companies that produce, sell and distribute drugs, supplies and medical equipment for intensive care units in B&H
  • Providing help in establishing new technologies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units.
  • Organizing conferences, symposia, workshops and meetings at local and international level in order to exchange the latest guidelines and evidence-based approaches as well as to update skills in the area of neonatology
  • Providing the help to neonatologists and the intensive care unit physicians in professional and legal issues
  • Implementation of neonatal health care projects and programs in coordination with UNICEF and WHO
  • Establishing links and cooperation with other similar professional organizations in B&H, such as Paediatric Society, Association of gynecologists-perinatologists etc
  • Cooperation with other similar professional organizations in the region, Europe, as well as membership in UEPS.